Irregular Expressions
Irregular Expressions is a list of snippets for Skript created by TenFont that all utilize Regular Expressions (or RegEx) in some way or another. Most of the snippets require an external addon to function. Some snippets may even require others.
To provide as much information as much possible, each snippet has it's own "page". These pages are displayed on the sidebar to the left of your screen.
Please read the information box below before continuing.
Each page is divided up into separate sections.
The first section is a description of the snippet. It also contains Info boxes that tell you what addons, snippets or Skript version the snippet requires.
The second is a small note left by the author which may contain information that is crucial in making the snippet work or implementing it in the optimum way. THIS SECTION MAY NOT BE PRESENT IF THE AUTHOR FEELS THAT IT IS NOT NEEDED.
The third section would be the snippet itself, and the fourth demonstrates examples & applications in which the snippet can be used.
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